Leaders in manufacturing driveable and durable prestressed concrete fence posts.

Intermediate Posts

Our intermediate posts are used instead of conventional timber split posts or steel posts. These posts are available in 1800mm and 2130mm long (6 foot and 7 foot long).

The 1800mm long post is used in average soil conditions. The 2130mm long post is used where soil movement is anticipated or in wet ground conditions or where a higher or stronger fence is required. Depending on your  preferred fencing style intermediate posts are spaced according to terrain, soil conditions and stock densities. In undulating terrain or wet conditions, closer spacings are needed to anchor posts in hollows.

Typically posts are spaced at 5 or 10 metre intervals. The standard post has up to 20 x 10mm holes for running plain wires through.

The cattle post has 5 x 30mm holes for running barb wire through and 9 x 10mm holes for running plain wire through. Poly insulators can be inserted in the 10mm holes and a plain wire run through to make an electric fence.These posts are placed in the ground by digging a hole and backfilling and ramming tight around the post or the most popular method is by using a mechanical post driver. When using a post driver a 100mm pilot hole is drilled first then the post is driven in to the required depth. A post driving cap, available from SCI must be used to prevent post damage. If you can drill a pilot hole, we guarantee you can drive our posts. In soft or wet ground a pilot hole may not be necessary. Fencing contractors report that as many 30 posts per hour can be driven. One thing you can be sure of is when you put one of our posts in it will not rust, split, burn or be eaten by termites, in most cases the post will outlast the wire.

Our posts are comparable in price to timber and steel and considering that they will outlast the others they are the DO IT ONCE , DO IT RIGHT way to fence.

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