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Strainer Posts

Our strainer posts are used instead of traditional timber round posts and steel pipe posts. These posts are 150mm x 150mm square and are available in 2130mm (7 foot), 2400mm (8 foot) and 2700mm (9 foot) long.

The 2130mm post is used in average soil conditions, the 2400mm post is used in black soil or wet soils and the 2700mm in extreme conditions. Strainer posts have pre formed holes for fitting of top and bottom gate hinges [gate kits are available from all SCI agents]. Strainers have insets on 3 sides to accommodate stays. Stays are necessary to prevent the strainer post from leaning or pulling out.

Concrete stays are available in 3100m and 3600mm lengths, the longer stay being used extreme conditions. A concrete stay block is buried in the ground to anchor the stay against. An alternative stay is our adjustable stay which comprises of a pipe or concrete stay, a concrete base pad and a threaded rod, the threaded rod being able to be tightened at a later date to straighten the strainer should it move due to soil movement. Although the adjustable stay is more expensive it can be installed in around 5 minutes and requires no digging.

Strainers are placed in the ground by drilling a hole and backfilling and ramming soil around the post. In extreme conditions a barrow full of concrete placed in the bottom of the hole will help stop post movement. Strainers can also be driven in with a post driver. A 150mm pilot hole must be drilled first and the top of the post protected with a 40mm layer of rubber. A strainer assembly is the most important part of a fence to stop the fence wires from becoming loose.

A SCONE CONCRETE INDUSTRIES strainer assembly when installed properly will not move and will do its job for many years because they will not rot, rust, burn or be eaten by termites. Our strainer assemblies are comparable in price to steel and timber and considering that they will outlast the others they are the DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT way to fence.

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