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Water Troughs

SCONE CONCRETE INDUSTRIES now manufacture concrete water troughs to suit all animals.

Our smallest trough is 1500mm in diameter and 400mm high with a capacity of 400 litres is suitable for calves, pigs, sheep and goats. Our next trough is 1500mm in diameter and 600 mm high with a capacity of 700 litres is our most popular trough being ideal for horses and cattle.

If you have a lot of thirsty cattle our 2400mm diameter and 600 mm high trough with a capacity of 2000 litres will be ideal. Our rectangular trough is 2400mm long, 600mm wide, 400mm high holding 400 litres of water.

All troughs have float valve covers so animals cannot damage float valves, inlet pipes are also protected. Cleaning is easy with a large drain plug. All troughs have rounded edges and smooth finishes.

For pricing, contact Scone Concrete Industries 0265 459 144.